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Henry Johnson Center and Academy

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Camelia Bradley dropped out of school to care for her brothers and sisters, when her parents fell into a repeating cycle of drug use. She would attend school when possible, and continued to be moved up grade levels, regardless of her attendance and grades. When she got to high school she was lost, repeating 9th grade multiple times and finally giving up. She discovered she had a talent and a passion for hair styling, and got a job to take care of her siblings. She made a promise that they would attend school regularly, study and achieve their high school diplomas. Her youngest sister, Rochell, was four when Camelia took over her care. With some time to think about herself, Camelia enrolled in the Henry Johnson Academy.

“More than anything, this school has given me strength,” says Bradley. “I will continue my education because I want to become a counselor or social worker. Thanks to the foundation I got at Henry Johnson, I know I can do it!”
Rochell is now 17 and graduating from John Marshall High School with a 4.5 GPA.
“We offer long-time, life-changing solutions,” says Dr. Angela Isom, founder, and principal of Henry Johnson Center and Academy. “I always try to prepare students for real life, and not just getting a diploma. I’m trying to get them to a real future where they can be responsible, healthy, happy adults. We go way beyond just teaching things like math. We teach life. It’s a difference.”

With your support, funding from UBF will help Henry Johnson Academy double its current space. That, in turn, will mean they will be able to get students who are waiting for seats to open up, off the waiting list and moving forward toward their diploma. As part of the expansion process, UBF is also helping Henry Johnson Academy to update the computers and technology in their classrooms. You can make a difference in the ability for students who have fallen through the cracks of life to finally be prepared for success.



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