Mum-Ford Is Working to Make a Small Difference in a Much Larger Problem.

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Just the facts…and then some.

Fact: Who We Are

Mum-Ford provides low and fixed-income patients with preventive eye care, prescription glasses, repairs to frames and lens, and replacement of frames and lens.

Fact: Why The Program Is Beneficial

Low and fixed-income patients often put their vision care last. Often they lack insurance that covers vision. What’s more, their income is stretched just to be able to fulfill basic needs. Mum-Ford fills the gap by providing the eye care and prescription eyewear these patients and their families need.

Fact: How The Word Is Spread About This Community Initiative

We do outreach through our neighborhood churches, homeless shelters and the United Way’s First Call for Help. We also get referrals through pharmacies, hospitals and eye clinics. However, for a lot of people, they first found out about Mum-Ford by hearing about it from a friend or neighbor. Word-of-mouth is one of our most important ways people find out about our services.

Fact: Where We Provide Our Services

While serving many patients who live in the City of Cleveland, we also see patients in Euclid and Lakewood. We provide services city-wide.

Fact: An Example Of What We Do

During this past year we helped a pair of siblings to complete their school year with glasses we provided. Their original glasses had become damaged beyond repair. Their insurance would not pay for another pair.

Fact: What We’ve Done

In the past calendar year we’ve served 270 people with preventive eye care as well as complete pairs of glasses, including prescription lenses and frames.

Fact: How UBF Support Is Used

UBF provides Mum-Ford with financial support to maintain our programs of vision care, including prescription eyewear, for those who could not otherwise afford it.

And then some…The Bigger Picture

The prevalence of poor eyesight among Americans is expected to triple over the next few decades. Adults at high risk of vision loss tend to use eye care services much less than their insured and affluent counterparts. Yet even with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many Americans will not get the eye health care coverage they need.

The lack of access to affordable glasses poses severe health consequences for the visually impaired, especially those in lower income brackets. Studies have linked vision impairment to chronic health conditions, falls and injuries, depression and social isolation. Children with poor vision also stand a greater chance of not performing well at school and later entering the criminal justice system.

Mum-Ford is working to make a small difference in a much larger problem. It’s a start.



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